Dampers for mainly on-off operating of flue gases in an industrial environment

Technical data:
Dimensions 500–2500 mm
Temperature max 250° C
Drive units electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual
Function on/off
Tightness 100% without seal-air
Material standard carbon steel or stainless steel

Products meny

YPAB gives you“Safe and less polluting handle of air and flue gases”

  • 100% tight towards the surroundings
  • Standard Modular System
  • Max 5 bar standard (operating pressure)
  • Max 1150° C standard
  • All press and weldable material
  • Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual drive units
  • Seat sealings: Steel, soft or seal air
  • Circular or rectangular connections

YPAB Dampers mean:

  • Lower cost of maintenace
  • Less environmental impact
  • Easier to fullfill authorities demands
  • Less process disturbances
    • The dampers are manufactured in compliance with the EC directive 2006/42/EC, including analysis of risks and according to YPQ-Norm (YPAB standard)